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We are proud to be a Canadian store with leading products from around the globe. The Breeders Cupboard is owned by myself a CKC basset hound breeder for breeders. Our goal is for you to be able to get your breeding, whelping and puppy supplies all in one place without the frustration of long shipping times and customs issues. I am always open to hear what you would like me to bring in and continually working on growing our production selection. We are currently adding a Cat Collection by popular requests with help from some cat breeders.


I am excited to have added many new products this year, with many more anticipated.

Our New Cat Collection is going to be Live and available any day.


During this difficult time we are doing our best to continue to stock and ship items. At this point Shipping times are not affected on our end. Items in stock are shipping out on schedule. If you see something is out of stock rest assured we are doing our best to get it stocked as soon as possible.

Pet Nutri Drops
Pet Nutri Drops
From $11.50
Deluxe Whelping Kit
ID Collars 12pcs/set 2 sizes
Feeding Tubes FR5 & FR8
Puppy Scale
Puppy Scale
Breeder's Edge Oral Cal Plus Gel
Argyle DeLee Suction Catheter
Hemostat Straight or Curved
Similar CustomFeed Bottle and Slow Flow Nipple
Mucus Trap
Mucus Trap
Umbilical Cord Clamps
Heart Rate Doppler 3 MHZ
Sterile Generic Bulb Syringe Aspirator
Breeder’s Edge Oxy momma
Disposable Birthing/Under Pads
Sub Q Hydration

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