Meet The Team

Miranda's love for basset hounds led her down the path of becoming a breeder.  She has been breeding basset hounds for over 15 years and actively participates in CKC conformation events with her dogs. 
The absence of readily available supplies for breeders in Canada was an ongoing problem and frustration. It was from this and her passion for the dogs and breeding that The Breeders Cupboard was born.
The Breeders Cupboard started from their family farm in rural Alberta, Canada where Miranda, her husband Roger and their three children live with their basset hounds and horses. 
Miranda is very careful in selecting the products and whenever possible supports other Canadian businesses.
She understands the importance of reliable, safe and quality supplies and most of the products you see in the store you will also find in her breeding cupboard.
Miranda has a keen interest and a wealth of knowledge in breeding practices, whelping techniques and raising beautiful healthy puppies.
She is on top of the latest research and techniques and is always happy to share this knowledge and experience with her customers.
You will often find her chatting to a breeder about their dogs and breeding program or mentoring a new breeder who is nervous about their upcoming whelp.
She built The Breeders Cupboard for the Canadian breeders and the products are based on experience, requests and feedback. 
So please keep the requests and reviews coming. 
How did she come up with the name? Miranda has a big cupboard in her laundry room full of all her dog supplies. She thought well of course every breeder has a cupboard full of their supplies. 
"The Only Way to Do Great Work Is To Love What You Do" 
Roger the man behind the scenes. Whether he is building shelves, picking up inventory or making sure your rush parcel gets out on time Roger is there to lend a hand.
Roger works in the Oil and Gas industry when he is not helping out at The Breeders Cupboard.
The Big Move
The Breeders Cupboard "world head quarters" as Roger likes to call it..... is moving to an amazing new location.
It is just down the road from the Peyton family farm.
A wonderful charming 1909 two story farm house.
The creaky wood floors and character is the perfect location. 
Pictures to share when they are all settled in.