Cord Care Bundle
Cord Care Bundle
Cord Care Bundle
Cord Care Bundle
Cord Care Bundle
Cord Care Bundle
Cord Care Bundle
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Cord Care Bundle

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Bundle for your Umbilical Cord Care Includes
  • Breeder's Edge Clean Cut Iodine
  • Stainless Steel Umbilical Scissors
  • Stainless Steel Curved Hemostat
  • 12 pack Umbilical Cord Clamps ( Available in 1 inch & 1.5 inch)
  • Cord Clamp Cutter

Iodine: You should put Breeder's Edge® Clean Cut™ Povidone-Iodine 10% Antiseptic Solution on puppies' and kittens' umbilical cords because iodine seals and protects from bacterial infections, and helps the cord dry up and fall off faster.

This iodine for cats and dogs can also be used on minor cuts, scrapes, and incisions. Povidone iodine for dogs and cats helps protect from bacteria until the area is healed.
Designed to be used for one litter per bottle
Dip Cords at birth, 2 hours post, and 2 x day until the cord falls off

Umbilical Scissors: Umbilical Scissors provide a clean and safe cut to the umbilical cord of puppies and kittens. 4inx2in

Stainless Steel Straight Hemostat: are designed to apply pressure to the umbilical cord right after it is cut. 

Umbilical Clamps – 12 ct: Umbilical Clamps are designed to immediately stop umbilical cord bleeding on newborn puppies and kittens. Umbilical cord clamps help block the entry of infectious sepsis-causing organisms. 

1 inch clamps are most suitable for small to large breed puppies

1.5 inch clamps are most suitable to  Large and Giant Breed puppies

Cord Clamp Cutter: These are needed to remove the cord clamps 

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