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Confirm your female's pregnancy with this one-step rapid Relaxin test kit.

Each test kit comes complete with a syringe,  pipette, test tube and test.

The test will require blood collection and must be separated into serum using a centrifuge.  Relaxin test results are available within a few minutes with  95% accuracy.

Pregnant females produce a hormone called relaxin during the developing stage of the placenta. At around 22 - 27 days post-implantation relaxin can be detected in the female's bloodstream and the remaining elevated majority of the pregnancy up until birth.

I recommend waiting until 30 days post ovulation to run a relaxin test. Please also remember that if you have a pregnancy that is reabsorbing there can still be relaxin present. 

**** If you are not able to do a blood collection or spin the blood down with a centrifuge there is an alternative that is very easy to use Belly Labs ***


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