The PetCount™ Sperm Quality Test makes it possible to separate all the good swimmers, the Progressive Motile Sperm Cells (PMSCs) from the rest of the sperm population which include dead sperm cells, morphological abnormal sperm cells and motile but not progressive motile sperm cells.

The color reaction (test result) is a direct result of the number of PMSCs in the semen sample - the darker the better and the more PMSCs.

This new product is so exciting. The Patented Swim Up Technology has been back by studies and has been used in tests for humans. The Test is 30 minutes for in home use. There is a barrier that the healthy viable sperm swim thru.

210 million is a viable count 

This product has so many great benefits. I am happy to chat about it and answer any questions you may have. 

I have one of my studs on Problem Male as we had discovered a very poor count. I used my Pocket Microscope and saw what I believe is a good count now. However, I cannot do a proper count. This is a great tool to let me know if it is time to make the drive to my vet for a formal evaluation. 

I could go on and on about how cool this new product is


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