Pet Remedy Calming Spray
Pet Remedy

Pet Remedy Calming Spray

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How does Pet Remedy work?
the special blend of essential oils works as a natural relaxation and helps calm anxious and stressed pets. 
Directions: Use sparingly, starts to help immediately, use in conjunction with Pet Remedy Plug-in diffuser, Do not spray directly onto face, pH neutral formula therefore safe on skin or coat of pet, you can spray on bandana and directly in the home on bedding, carpet, and sofa furnishings.
I personally use this on the crate bedding when I travel with my dogs that are a bit anxious in the car, when showing, for my stud dog when the girls are in season, for my senior dog that is scared of storms and I spritz my comfort blankets with calming spray when puppies are leaving to their new homes. It seems to help as most essential oils provide some benefits when used safely. 
15ml Bottle

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