Original Vet Bed ***Lilac Pattern***
Original Vet Bed ***Lilac Pattern***
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Original Vet Bed ***Lilac Pattern***

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The original & the best…

After a long and careful search, we vetted the best in veterinary fleece to pair with our PetTech Solutions Whelping Boxes and are delighted to offer the original vet bedding. Often imitated but never copied, the original Vetbed remains the leading favourite with breeders.

Like many successful brands, Vetbed® has become a generic term for bedding, but there is only one true Vetbed®. Now available in sizes to perfectly pair with our PetTech Whelping Boxes or custom cut to order as needed.

Vetbed® provides advanced support and thermal retention properties for all animals. Exceptional bedding for dogs and cats that maintains its strength and durability while retaining a soft, luxurious, and dry, cozy feel.

· Hygienic, non-allergenic & nontoxic.

· Excellent drainage properties ensure a dry, cozy surface, always.

· Easily machine washable without deterioration over time.

· Suitable for home, travel, and professional use.

· Ideal for animals with allergies or sensitive skin.

· Available in wide range of sizes and custom printed on white with blue and yellow paw prints. Yes, the white stays white!

· The higher bulk and superb heat retention distinguishes it from all other vet fleece.

Vetbed® the Original green backed fleece pet bedding, recommended by vets and preferred by breeders.

Why Choose Original Vetbed?

· The most durable vet fleece on the market, it lasts forever when cared for, even if abused, it still performs.

· Engineered to wick away moisture efficiently, keeping pets dry, always.

· Easily machine washable and dryer safe or air dry. An energy and cost-effective solution as dryer time is a fraction of the time it takes to dry cotton or cotton blend fabrics.

Washing Instructions

· Washing Vetbed® is easy.

· Wash in warm or hot water, regular cycle, normal detergent.

· Tumble dry on low heat.


· Do wash in hot water, Vetbed® can withstand water temperatures up to 140°F.

· Do use laundry aids such a Borax® or Sudsy Ammonia® if your Vetbed is heavily soiled due to whelping or other tough stains. Use ammonia if your Vetbed smells strongly of urine.


· Chlorine Bleach will shorten the life of your Vetbed®. Vetbed® is made of 100% synthetic fibres and synthetic fibres become brittle when subjected to chlorine bleach. If you feel the need to deep clean your Vetbed® use the hottest water available and Borax® or hydrogen peroxide.




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