Nature's Logic - Bone Broth - Chicken
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Nature's Logic - Bone Broth - Chicken

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100% all-natural Bone Broth Powders contain no gluten or synthetic ingredients.

I Love this new product. I have also had the 1 L broth on hand. I use broth when someone is not well from surgery, an injury or a mom that has no appetite. This powder just mixes with water to make a broth and the dogs love.Nature’s Logic® Bone Broth Powders are a delicious way to add flavor and moisture to your dog or cat’s diet. Containing natural trace minerals and other nutrients, the Bone Broth Powders add nourishment that supports your pet’s entire body.


Dehydrated chicken bone broth

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Fat (max.)

0.5 %

Crude Fiber (max.)

1.0 %

Moisture (max.)

6.0 %


Feeding Instructions:

Mix 2 tbsp with an 8oz cup of warm water and stir. Refrigerate any leftovers and use within a few days.


Serve about ¼ cup of broth per 25 lbs bodyweight per serving. Adjust accordingly for larger or smaller pets.

  1. Serve as savory drink or treat
  2. Use to hydrate Nature’s Logic kibble

Made in: America


Beef is coming it is backordered

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