LH Surge / Ovulation Detection Strips
LH Surge / Ovulation Detection Strips
LH Surge / Ovulation Detection Strips
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LH Surge / Ovulation Detection Strips

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Detect the LH Surge and Predict Ovulation timing from Home

Cost Effective

  • Easy to Read
  • Immediate results
  • no blood drawn

Pretest for AI

  • Helps predetermine Ovulation timing which will help cut down on number of progesterone tests

Great tool for Breeders

  • Used by breeders worldwide
  • know when to introduce the stud dog
  • useful with silent & split heats

I will send out an information pack that explains how to read your results along with a typical case of a estrus cycle and the typical results. I am happy to help you with any questions or concerns along the way.


Please not these are meant to be used and testing at least 2 x day. You are not testing the blood you are testing the PH change in the cervical mucous. If you do not use them correctly they will not yield good results.

They are a tool to help you pin point breeding but are not a complete replacement for lab progesterone testing. 

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