Giardia Test Kit (5 Pack)
Giardia Test Kit (5 Pack)
Giardia Test Kit (5 Pack)
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Giardia Test Kit (5 Pack)

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Having loose mucus and bloody stools?

Giardia is a very common problem, especially in puppies. Run this test and in minutes you will know if it s Giardia, your vet will need to Treat with antibiotics

Your Home Testing Kit Includes:

Experience complete convenience with our all-inclusive Giardia Test Kit. Here's what you'll get with every package:

  • 5 Individual Test Cassettes: Each one is sealed in a foil pouch for secure storage.
  • Feces Collection Supplies: Swabs and collection tubes to assist in a clean, easy sample collection.
  • User Guide: Simple instructions for accurate testing and fast results.
  • 97.9% Accuracy

Results in just a few minutes. The test cassettes are sealed in foil pouches and can be stored for over a year at room temperature

Rapid Giardia Detection

Safeguard your pet's health with our quick and effective Giardia Test Kit (5 Pack). Giardia, a common intestinal parasite, especially in puppies, can cause a myriad of unpleasant symptoms, including bloody stools, diarrhea, vomiting, and weight loss. With our test kits, you can promptly identify this invisible threat right at your home.

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