Diatomaceous Earth-Wholistic Pet Organics
Diatomaceous Earth-Wholistic Pet Organics
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Diatomaceous Earth-Wholistic Pet Organics

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There are many uses and benefits in its use

I just listened to a pod cast on the correlation and benefits of Diatomaceous earth and increase in semen count. Not morphology, however, the numbers increased dramatically. I have just started my one stud dog that has a poor count and my other male with an ok count after Semen evaluations at the vet. I will be doing updates on facebook with the results. 

Diatomaceous earth (DE) has also been shown to be an excellent digestive aid cleanser for your pet; it helps absorb harmful toxins and has a significant amount of calcium to promote stronger bone structure

You can read all sorts of articles on the many uses. 


There are many differences in the quality of DE

First you need to make sure that the product is actually food-grade and certified by the FDA. Many companies will simply put "food-grade" on their label even though it is not (much like the word "organic" or "natural"). Customers need to understand where they are buying from and should be buying from a reputable, FDA certified company. There are hundreds of deposits in the US of which only 4 are FDA certified to be food-grade.

Our DE is from fresh water deposits

DE from saltwater is not as effective as those diatoms from freshwater; Their shell is less fragile. Also, diatoms from saltwater contain many more species of diatoms and sediment leading to a less effective product.

Clay and sediments effects on DE

Our DE is analyzed to have less clay and sediment than other food-grade DE which again, makes them less effective. This clay and sediment clog the pores of the diatoms. Clean, open pores are critical to DE working effectively. With that being said, our DE is truly a pure, more effective product.

Moisture (max) 3%
Calcium 1.05%
Magnesium 60mg
Amorphous silica






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