Canine Brucellosis Test Kit
Canine Brucellosis Test Kit
Canine Brucellosis Test Kit
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Canine Brucellosis Test Kit

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Reliable Canine Health Check: The Brucellosis Test Kit

1. Your Dog's Health Made Priority

The Canine Brucellosis Test Kit provides an easy, quick, and affordable way to ensure your furry friends are healthy and safe. Brucellosis, a contagious bacterium affecting dogs worldwide, can lead to severe complications including infertility and even transmission to humans. This test kit empowers owners to detect this silent threat, especially as infected dogs often show no visible symptoms.

2. Simple and Accurate Testing

Our Brucellosis Test Kit comes with five complete tests, including blood collection supplies, offering 95.6% Accuracy accuracy within minutes. The testing process requires blood separation so a centrifuge is required. 

Included in Your Canine Brucellosis Test Kit:

  • One complete Brucellosis test cassettes for accurate home testing, ensuring you're well-equipped for regular, bi-annual check-ups.
  • One syringe and needles to aid in easy, safe blood collection.
  • Detailed instructions to guide you through the testing process, step-by-step.

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