Breeder's Edge Problem Female
Breeder's Edge Problem Female
Breeder's Edge Problem Female
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Breeder's Edge Problem Female

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  • Support for hormonal imbalance in female dogs and cats
  • Contains natural herbs, root powders and essential amino acids for dogs & cats
  • Helps manage a proper balance of estrogen-progesterone
  • Supports a healthy reproductive cycle
  • Contains Motherwort and Ashwaganda for dogs and cats

Breeders Edge® Problem Female™ is a cat and dog hormone supplement that supports her natural production of hormones. A proper balance of estrogen-progesterone helps support a complete reproductive cycle so she can ovulate, breed, maintain a pregnancy and deliver a healthy litter.

Female hormonal imbalance in dogs and cats may lead to difficulties being bred and maintaining a healthy pregnancy. This feline and canine hormone support contains Angelica Root Extract and Ashwaganda for dogs and cats to support proper metabolic rates, Chase Tree Berry powder to help maintain a healthy estrogen-progesterone balance and Motherwort and Shatavari Root to support immunity and uterine tone

 454 GRAMS

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