Breeder's Edge NurseMaid Wipes
Breeder's Edge NurseMaid Wipes
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Breeder's Edge NurseMaid Wipes

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  • Hygienic wipes for dogs and cats
  • Ideal wipes to clean a nursing dog
  • Safe and non-toxic for newborn puppy and kitten skin
  • Helps maintain a hygienic area for nursing puppies and kittens
  • Safe for pregnant and nursing dogs and cats

How do you clean mother dogs after giving birth since not all wipes and cleaners are safe to use around a newborns skin?

Breeder's Edge NurseMaid Wipes clean mom's belly and maintain a hygienic area for nursing puppies and kittens. These dog and cat wipes are non-toxic, non-flavored, and safe to use around newborns, pregnant and nursing dogs and cats. Neonatal puppy and kitten skin is thin and translucent, allowing chemicals to be readily absorbed through the skin while nursing. Using gentle cleaners on mom, may help prevent newborn illness or loss due to chemical exposure.

These are a great way to help reduce the chance of Mastitis from Bacteria. 

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