Breeder's Edge Foster Care Canine Milk Replacer 12 oz

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With two unique and beneficial ingredients, the Breeder's Edge® Foster Care Canine Milk Replacer gives your puppies complete and balanced nutrition. Made with the latest advances in milk replacer formulation and technology, including Bio-Mos® to promote the growth of good bacteria for a healthy GI tract, supporting the puppy's natural defenses. Globigen® IC (IgY) is an immunoglobulin that boosts the immune system, providing intestinal immunity and minimizing the potential for diarrhea. Also helpful for pregnant, lactating or convalescing adult dogs as a nutritional supplement. Great for conditioning skin and hair coat, it can also be used as a milk treat or flavor enhancer.

I had a few breeders ask me to add this to our store. Let me know what you guys think of it. I do know Breeder's Edge products have proven to be outstanding. 

Not intended for use in exotic animals.

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