Breeders Edge B Strong
Breeders Edge B Strong
Breeders Edge B Strong
Breeders Edge B Strong
Breeders Edge B Strong
Breeders Edge B Strong

Breeders Edge B Strong

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Breeder's Edge B Strong Powder supports reproductive health in males and females throughout the breeding season. B-complex vitamins, minerals and amino acids help promote normal blood cell health and cardiovascular function. 

B-Strong Powder helps stimulate appetite and provide a boost of energy to dogs and cats. Liver Flavor

I personally use this with my dogs.

The benefits I have heard of and seen include:

  • Can help bring a female who is late cycling into season
  • Promotes appetite and overall energy prior to whelping and afterwards
  • In my experience my moms on B-strong have a better milk supply

Cats Give 1/2 scoop

Dogs under 10lbs give 1/2 scoop

Dogs 10-20lbs give 1 scoop

Dogs over 20lbs give 1 scoop per 20lbs of bodyweight

For intermittent or supplemental feeding only. For animal use only
Store at room temperature

B Strong™ provides a boost of energy and helps as an appetite stimulant for puppies and kittens as well as adults following sickness or surgery. The liquid vitamin B complex for dogs and cats comes as a ready-to-use formula and is great for picky eaters. The liquid is chicken flavor and the 1 ml dose can be given on its own, through a syringe or mixed into canned food or liquid milk replacers.

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